The Perfect Date

Updated May 2020

Love with your third eye

Listen up you romantics, dating season is upon us. This post is for you.

Dating in 2020 isn’t easy. We are bombarded with reminders of our current relationship status and for what purpose?

Dating or not, it’s always nice to be wined and dined. This post should help provide insight on the perfect date and finding meaningful personal connections.



This is probably the right time to tell you this will involve some effort. Women are complex and have intuitive abilities to see through the B.S. That said, ideas here are not so difficult, they simply require some etiquette, manners, and respect. After making the arrangements you want to set a reservation. The idea here is to plan ahead to make the date seem organized and intentional.  While on the date, be kind to everyone. Your date wants to see that you are a nice member of society, and that others respond well to you.

Allow your date to finish their complete thoughts when speaking, all too often we rush the true message and complain that she was sending mixed signals. 


You may like this guy and not know it, don’t rush your feelings. We mentally ask ourselves questions about people we meet and rush to find suitable answers, without full grasp of what we’re asking.  Men sometimes need more time to portray a clear message. That said, if you think you know his intentions, trust you are correct and proceed with your intuition.

Woman complain men waste their time, but are the same ones expelling it to them. 

If there was a formula for love, it would be the top commodity that all nations would fight for. Your best tool in love is your intuition.

Top Toronto Dating Spots:

4 responses to “The Perfect Date”

  1. Hey Peta,

    As a single 22 year old myself, I was already intrigued to read this post and can agree with a lot of the points you mentioned. I really like how you placed the reader directly into your opening sentence by saying, “Listen up you romantics, dating season is upon us. This post is for you.” It makes me really want to pay attention and think I need to read this post or else my future dates will be a fail (haha). I also like how you separated it into a male/female point of view making your post friendly to both genders. Plus, your suggestions with links at the bottom add a nice touch for a follow up so that readers can start thinking of good date places in the future. My recommendation is to make it more visually appealing, you could add in numbered lists to separate your points, graphics like (do’s and don’ts checkmarks), or even memes to make it humorous. Overall, awesome post! Can’t wait to read more 🙂



    1. Thanks Tina. Great Feedback.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Peta,

    Love this post! I was instantly attracted to the ‘perfect date’ title of the post since I tend to find myself not on the perfect date (sigh). I really got a sense of your voice when reading this post so that was awesome.

    My only suggestion would be to break up the paragraph portion of the post into sub-headings, that way it is easy for people to get what they need out of the post without fully reading it. Like we talked about in class, we are a skimming society (unfortunately) so making blogs with sub-headings is important for the reader on the go who doesn’t have the opportunity to read in depth (although I recommend it in this case).

    I look forward to more adult-ing tips in the weeks to come.



    1. Thank you for your comment Lindsay, glad your were interested in the subject matter. You are right, I think some larger subheads in this would be great to break up the info. Keep those suggestions coming !


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