Drive in to New Responsibilities – Pump the Brakes on Buyers Anxiety, buying a Car should never be hard

Buying a car is never as hard as one may anticipate. The following post will provide helpful information about the ‘purchasing a car’ process.

First things first, you want to consider the types of vehicle you may be interested in seeing, set a comfortable price range, and consider the fact that some older cars may need mechanical work so you can factor that into your budget.

Tip: A car is like a body. You will only get out of it what you put in.

Some great places to start would be Kijiji,, or do a simple search of local dealerships in your area and view their inventory. When you are ready to see the car, go to the seller with your ideal price in mind, a few questions, and a trusted companion to accompany you.

Hint: If the car has more than 100,000km on it, that’s still okay. Some cars can drive up to 500,000km. It all comes down to how you care for it, see tip above.

If you like the car, you probably don’t want to say so right away because you may appear too eager and this is when negotiations start.

Tips for Negotiations:

When I start bargaining I always use the sellers name to establish a relationship. Talk to them about their day and why they enjoy their line of work. Building rapport is a large part of sales. I also make deep eye contact with them while they are speaking to show that I am listening to what they say, and to make it look like I am intently thinking about buying it. Once they see that in your eye, the will start to let down their guards and pursue the sale, at that point just use your charm and work off that relationship you build at the outset. Remember keep your price range in mind. When I purchased my car from the used car seller, I made sure to start low and factor in the cost of repairs, upgrades, and tune-ups throughout.

Keys Please

Once both parties agree on the purchase price, and after getting it a safety check and emissions test (e-test) done, all that is left is to enrol in an insurance plan, and acquire license plates and registration for the vehicle. After that it’s all yours!

As young people, we are stigmatized for driving poorly and for leading the distracted driving era, so I urge all my readers to please take your time on the streets and drive safely. Accidents happen in a split second, and driving under the influence should never be an option. I hope this post helps any new driver those looking to make their first car purchase!

Stay Tuned For More Urban Guides,


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