The Engaged Life

Written to celebrate my one year engagement anniversary

Isaiah and Peta-Ann – insta: mixedwitlove

Being in a committed relationship is a world-win of emotions, feeling, thoughts and perspectives but ultimately such a comfortable and genuine place to rest your heart.

Since being engaged 1 year ago, I’ve started to look at our relationship as the beginning of an eternal union and have silently been analyzing our highs and our lows through the eyes of marriage. Being young and fully committed is a challenge when there aren’t many of my peers that are in the same category or even close to be – which is 100% fine – but having few people that share the same experiences, I am reluctant to share moments with them and opinions about the relationship because I know honestly that they just won’t understand in the same way. They don’t know what we have but I sometimes wish they could find it for themselves.

My partner and I are on a track, in step together down a path that leads us wherever God means it to go but what we know is that we’re extremely excited to be on it together. What’s most important to me is that we love the qualities of each other that are foundational to our character and that make us who we are, no one else, but us. Making a connection with another person’s values is the strongest connection you can find. This is because if you cannot put the similar amount of energy into the things that mean the most to you (like: family time, unique experiences, honesty, integrity, being present etc.) then you may catch yourself in a constant state of disagreement, now how can love live in that?

I say all this to say, 1 year into the engagement, or pre-marriage as I sometimes think, and almost 5 years together, we’re still figuring it out. We disagree and argue here and there but we know it’s as great as its always been. I’ll leave you with a piece of advice that helps me overcome those moments when my brain hits the gas petal and I start to overthink…no one knows what you’re going through but you, no one knows your relationship but you, stop trying to improve on what is already good and just enjoy your moment.

Thank you for reading this Urban Guide

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