Welcome Aboard, I’m an organizational communicator who specializes in business development management and graphic design. This site was started as a post-grad class assignment but I decided to maintain and grow Urban Guide to the Galaxy for the last three years because of the positive feedback it’s gotten.

Urban Guide to the Galaxy is a portal of written guides, insights and advice to help readers navigate the journey their on and connect with other urban professionals. I write these guides with thought and reflection on my own experiences and hope that others navigating our wonderful urban galaxy can find meaning and use it along the way.

Outside of my day job working for an urban land developer. I run a freelance marketing and graphic design service that creates marketing materials for local events, campaigns, and client initiatives. When you work with me, you’ll find that I am conversational by nature, I like to ask questions, and tend to bear on the positive side of life.

I welcome you to browse and read some urban guides, click through my urban designs, sign up to become apart of the galaxy, and only if it applies, adopt something into to your life.

Thanks for reading & enjoy the ride

Peta-Ann Leon

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