Valentines Day Exposed – Read the Truth Behind the Hearts and Candy from the Male Perspective

In movies the guys are either rich or spend too much which is hard to believe because we never actually see them working. In real life, a dinner with a small gift will always be better than big presents (and more affordable). 

Read this post to uncover the truth about valentines day. Love is in the air.  Urban Guide to the Galaxy wants to spread some #truth about this holiday and offer the male perspectives on what should be expected on this female dominated holiday.

This guide may not capture everyone’s sentiment but will still be entertaining nonetheless. For insights on the male perspective of this holiday. I asked my coworker friend (who might I say, is very honest and in touch with his feelings).  Read his answers below

I asked….

What does valentines day mean to you? 

  • Time of giving to people you like, Gifts for significant others
  • Reflection on the past relationships, their ups and downs, and how you want to be treated
  • Reminiscing happy memories and creating new ones (even if its with friends, lovers, pets, you name it)

Describe valentines day in the movies vs. Reality

  • In movies the guys are either rich or spend too much which is hard to believe because we never see them actually working
  • In real life, a dinner with a small gift will always be better than big presents
  • Thoughtful gifts trump gifts that cost bags of money (In my opinion both sides should give gifts to each other, guys need love too)
  • Reality, a candle lit dinner in an apartment or house is usually good enough. Or depending on the person sometimes Netflix, and ordering junk food is also the best date.
  • Spending the whole day together instead of one night would be a better thing to do, but that’s my opinion

What do guys want for valentine’s day

  • Depending on my interest at the time. I would want something thoughtful but not too expensive but not too cheap either, so I don’t really know. Lol.
  • Possibly a new signature smell (perfume) (Something that smells good and goes together with the other persons perfume, (Complement each other)
  • Nice homemade dinner at an Airbnb or at whomever house/apt. Surprise me with my favorite dish
  • Some game like Call of Duty or any games/hobbies that I like
  • Maybe sports games tickets for two. Tickets for me and a buddy or (couple) to go the game
  • Personally, speaking I like live shows and musicals! That would be fun for me but it has to have good reviews

How should one make the most of their time with someone they care about?

  • I don’t know… Spend time with them. Have fun get into deep talks about life.
  • Talk about aspirations and goals, things you both want to do together…travel etc.
  • Do something you both enjoy, it’s not like a one-sided thing
  • If you like going out then go out, but if you like being more of a homebody then stay in, order food or cook together. It’s important to spend time bonding
  • Try not to talk about yourself too much wait for questions to be asked so you don’t take over the whole conversation
  • Enjoy the night and the day. Don’t show disinterest unless the topic of conversation is boring as hell. Try new things… do new things….
  • Be serious and show you care…. Don’t just keep saying it. Talk is cheap

And there you have it. The truth about Valentines day. Sending love to everyone this month and remember to check back for more Urban Guides.

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Guest Blog: Overcome Procrastination

Devise smaller manageable tasks to ensure a more attainable vision. Learn to enjoy the process without wasting time fearing for the outcome.

Hey there, galaxy navigators!

My name is Renée. I run a lifestyle and wellness blog called In Control & Caffeinated, but today, I am excited to be steering you through the galaxy with my very own urban guide — Let’s kick procrastination to the curb, once and for all!


None of us asked to be born and yet here we are, endowed with responsibilities to boot – Bizarre, right? “Be a productive member of society”, they say, and it’s more of an expectation than a suggestion. Pfft.
If I know one thing for sure, it’s that The Amanda Show was an early 2000’s Nickelodeon gem. I identified with a character called, “The Procrastinator”, a spoofy superhero whose catchphrase was, “EEE-VENTUALLY”. Revisit this sketch. It’s a classic. I’ll wait…

I knew that I tended to procrastinate, but I have since learned that procrastination is not a sign of a Netflix obsession, laziness or disinterest. Procrastination is rather a manifestation of perfectionism, and a means to avoid challenging feelings like frustration and rejection.

Ironically, I have rewritten the first part of this post over 10 times and am still not happy with it. If you are anything like me, fear of failure or not meeting your own expectations gets in the way of productivity all too often. While you are certainly being told by others to “be a productive member of society”, more often than not, your voice is the loudest of them all.

Being a perfectionist means you are a high-aiming visionary. Overcoming procrastination then, is a matter of dialling your perfectionism back and leveraging those good qualities to develop strategies toward a “healthy pursuit of excellence”.

Stop, Start, Continue: 


Equating self worth with your performance:

The term “off day” is here to remind us that a little failure every now and then is no reflection of our character, but is actually quite normal. Work hard, strive for attainable excellence and be proud!

Waiting for the perfect moment:

Something is always holding you back from just diving in; the time never feels entirely right, and it never will. Choose to dive in and to enjoy the process, because you are totally capable.


Understanding the root of your procrastination:

I’m officially calling you out on avoiding your feelings. Feeling all the feels builds resilience; let it happen. Remember that you are your toughest critic; take it easy on yourself by setting yourself up for success (check out my previous post to learn how to do this).

Prioritizing your tasks and optimizing your time:

Devise smaller manageable tasks to ensure a more attainable vision. Learn to enjoy the process (consider employing the pomodoro technique) without wasting time fearing for the outcome.


Striving high (but not too high)!

Dial it back like three notches. No need to settle for satisfactory, but in the wise words of Hannah Montana, “nobody’s perfect”.

Generating copious, imaginative ideas. You are a visionary!

It’s what you do best so keep those ideas flowing. Just be sure to back them up with manageable tasks so that you don’t drown in your own creative brilliance.

Be patient. As with any new undertaking, these techniques will take practice, but bringing them to mind is the first step.

Now, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and take control!